Repertoire developed for the quartertone marimba during the fellowship period

Solo works

Ensemble works
Other microtonal instruments
Other percussionists performing on the instruments

Solo works

Respicio: Ragnhild Berstad

Microwaves: David Bratlie

Waves and velocities of dawn and dusk: Ivar Frounberg

Personality and Essence: Henrik Hellstenius

Four Calligraphies of Rain: Ramunas Motiekaitis

Q/Carving: Peter Tornquist

The Stacks of Music: Øyvind Torvund

Small solo works and etudes

The Unregenerate: Farangis Nurulla-Khoja

Hörspel: Risto Holopainen

Etude: Philip Sande

Etude: Klaus Sandvik.

Etude: Henrik Skram

Kulokk and Olav Aasteson: Lasse Thoresen.

New piece Q-marimba and video: Ignas Krunglevicius (2007) not yet performed

New piece: Julian Skar (2008) in progress

Rolf Wallin: Phonotope, not yet transcribed

Ivar Frounberg and Peter Tornquist: New piece for Tromsø Symphony Orchestra, autumn 2008. In progress.


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Ensemble works

Quaero: Ragnhild Berstad for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Recludo: Ragnhild Berstad for Oslo Sinfonietta

Akser: Casper Cordes for Oslo Sinfonietta

Linjen: Erik Dæhlin for the MIN ensemble

Mozart, Sinding You and Me: Erik Dæhlin for the Oslo Sinfonietta

Several short pieces for quartertone marimba. Solo and with ensemble (2007): Erik Dæhlin

ON/OFF III: Jørgen Karlstrøm

Alvedans: Bjørn Kruse, solo percussion, 3 singers and ballet dancers

9 movements for four string players and quartertone vibraphone: Terje Lerstad: Not yet performed.

Groven Tema: Terje Lerstad for clarinet and quartertone marimba

Jalan Pantai Sari: Rob Waring for Twine duo.

New piece: Yngve Slettholm for Twine duo (in progress)

New piece: David Bratlie for Twine duo. (in progress)


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Invention for quartertone vibraphone: Bjørn Fongaard

Improvisations for Quartertone-marimba: Bjørn Fongaard:

Reflections for quartertone marimba: Bjørn Fongaard

Piece for quartertone instrument: Bjørn Fongaard:

Elanga N'Kake singing to his craft: James Wood.


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Improvisation: Misja Alperin

Kollega Blues: Morten Halle

NIME workshop: NMH January 2007 Arve Henriksen, Alexander Jensenius

Nidarosdomens Girls' Choir: November 2007

Christian Wolff: Open form Festival, NMH January 2007

Else Olsen: Open form Festival, NMH January 2007


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Other microtonal instruments

Con Vitri (modus I): Ragnhild Berstad

Balders Lyre: Raymond Enoksen

Trio[a]thal: Bente Thorsen.

Krav: Ole Henrik Moe for quartertone guitar and microtonal glockenspiel (2007)

Next to anything: Ole henrik Moe for Tubular bells and 3 musical saw's, exploring the overtones. (2008)

New piece: Brian Ferneyhough, for quartertone-guitar and quartertone-vibraphone, in progress. (2008)


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Copyright: Kjell Tore Innervik | February 7, 2008